Alinghi’s sail repair tent is flattened in a Valencian winter storm

Less than four weeks from the big match, the weather provided a timely reminder as to what might be in store for the 33rd America’s Cup as winds gusting up to 60 knots swept through the harbour. The storm flattened Alinghi’s 1,000m2 sail repair tent in the outer Dársena of Valencia, fortunately no one was hurt.

CLICK HERE To take a look at Alinghi’s short video news clip on the damage.

Usually, problems experienced with either team are kept quiet, but I guess that when the problem is as big as a giant marquee or a 200ft mast in the case of BMOR, it’s difficult to push the story to one side. But is it really necessary to have yet another dig about having to leave a venue (RAK) that the courts ruled didn’t comply with the Deed of Gift? And does the collapse of a marquee really present another opportunity to complain at BMW Oracle’s decision to set up camp in the commercial harbour?

Judging from the comments in the sailing community, the current arguments and uncertainty that continue to run so close to the main event are now seriously undermining the appeal and prestige of the Cup. On the other hand, the issues at stake are serious ones and it’s easy to see why the tension is escalating so rapidly with each side having spent nine figure sums on their campaigns.

With just over three weeks to go, things are starting to heat up.

I’d be interested to hear your views.