A high-tech superyacht is launched posthumously for the co-founder of Apple

It is sad to think of a dream yacht launched posthumously for anyone, especially someone who died as prematurely as Steve Jobs. But because the co-founder of Apple helped shaped so much of the day-to-day technology we use, this badass superyacht is every bit as fascinating as it is poignant.

His 260ft Venus was launched this weekend at the Feadship yard in the Netherlands. The design was breathed upon by Philippe Starck and there was major input by Jobs himself. The website Mashable has photos here of the boat here.

The aluminium hull is angular and handsome, with a squared-off retrousée transom and a very odd-looking ro-ro ferry bow doors arrangement.

Yes, it seems that the vessel does have the Apple imprint. The bridge looks uncannily like an Apple store Genius Bar, with the main instrumentation shown in photos to be displayed on seven 27in iMacs.

So far, details under wraps, with speculation to fill the void. I had to laugh when I read a tech blog report that said that, as a tribute to the Apple aesthetic, ‘the hull is carved from a single piece of aluminum, like many of Apple’s computers and mobile products’. Really? I don’t think so.