Two sailors are leaving Alaska to attempt the North West Passage, including this catamaran on skates....


British adventurer Adrian Flanagan is back in Nome, Alaska, where gear problems forced him to a halt last year on his attempt to become the first to circumnavigate the world?umm?’vertically’. But he’s not the only one there hoping to make it through the North West Passage this season.

This is French adventurer Sébastien Roubinet’s extraordinary ice catamaran, which is also in Nome. Roubinet’s 7m Kevlar-reinforced boat is designed to sail until she meets ice, then to ride up on top and continue on metal skates on the hull. Roubinet says he tested it successfully in the Alps last winter, which is what this photo shows.

1 comment:Unfortunately for Adrian there was a brit Sir Runalph Fiennes who has done ‘vertical’ passage before. As for Sebastien Roubinet you should suggest him to read Polar Passage by Jeff McInnis who crossed NWP in 80th on catamaran first. It looks they never seen any Arctic so he should rather stay on that lake in Swiss alps – its safer. Anon.