One couple who should be picking up their new boat have nothing to show for their payments

I’ve had this response from Adrienne Smith. She and her husband should have been taking delivery of their new boat about now, but thanks to Peters Opal going into administration they’ve got nothing despite all their payments.

My husband and I have got caught up in the Peters Opal administration nightmare. We have paid in full for a Bavaria 39 through Peters Opal and were due to take delivery in October but of course are not now going to get the boat so we are trying our best to get the monies back in full or part.

Do you know contact details of any other people in our situation so that we could perhaps get together to share legal fees as this is what we are being advised to do but don’t know how to find out who the other people are?

If you know someone in the same situation or think you could help, please email me with the ‘comment on my blog’ link below.