All I can say is Alex Thomson's new Hugo Boss is going to be a Sith lord of the galaxy...


I’d like to tell you all about Alex Thomson’s new Open 60 Hugo Boss but if I did I might get zapped by the Death Star. Alex and build project manager Jason Carrington showed me the new boat in build in Lymington on Wednesday on condition I promised to say nothing until the launch in late May.

The new boat is a Groupe Finot design, much lighter and more powerful than the Open 60 Alex sadly lost in the Southern Ocean last year. So far, so well-known. But why the secrecy about absolutely everything else? Now I’ve seen the new Hugo Boss I can understand why Alex wants to keep it under wraps. There are some things here that will look quite different and the new Hugo Boss is being lovingly built with detail and styling that is really going to turn heads.

Say no more – except that this is going to be the class’s Darth Vader.