Try sun, fun, parties, alcohol and hot chicks wearing very little. Duh

One of the big challenges in sailing is to get 25-35 year olds participating or so I was told recently by Rod Carr, the Royal Yachting Association’s outgoing chief executive.

Well, here are some ingredients that seem to be getting young sailors’ blood running that RYA might like to ponder at their next branding meeting. Forget learning schemes and qualifications. It’s about sun, parties, alcohol and hot, hot chicks wearing very, very little.
This raunchy and wildly successful promotion video for charter company The Yacht Week has been viewed over 200,000 times. Watch it and you’ll see why. (Double click on the embed below and it will open up in a new full-size window.)

So there you are, RYA: strip off that blazer, kick off those old deck shoes and get jiggy wit it.

Meanwhile, if The Yacht Week could just let the rest of us old fuddy-duddies know which anchorages the fleet is planning to be at this summer, and when, we can avoid them like the plague.