She-sailors, Fuxia...what do you make of this one?

Forgive the re-hashed press release, but this one is worth reading just as it is. I really have no idea what to make of the Fuxia America’s Cup challenge, but the wording of this announcement is disconcertingly reminiscent of those emails letters from Nigeria offering to transfer millions of quid into your bank account or dodgy, cheap pharmaceuticals. Come to think of it, maybe that’s what Fuxia is. Sounds like it.

I do like the sound of an America’s Cup team composed of so-called ‘SHE sailors’. Even if they don’t win, my God they can be bitches.

The new italian challenge for next America’s Cup edition, the 33rd, is starting up from Panama City. The italian challenge, managed for this first phase by ‘International Global Service Co.’ (a marketing & communication company with base in Panama), will be named ‘Fuxia Challenge’.

All is around the colour, the fuxia colour, which will be the baseline of the challenge for all the sportive iniziative.

Fuxia will be the hull, fuxia will be the sails, and the partners will be only international large consumer companies with target market the female world.

All of these activities are needed to give coherence to the marketing project.
The fuxia team will be headed by a woman, of course, and it will be composed only by SHE sailors (the best of the international ranking list).

News will be the choice of the yacht club which launch the challenge to next America’s Cup, as well. At the end of this edition in Valencia (32nd edition) some presidents and commodore of the most important yacht club will receive the project and can decide to partecipate to a competition for the final choice of the Yacht Club partner. The winner will assure for the project all the aspetcs needed to the partecipation of the oldest sportive event in the world (technical services, legal, and so on,..)

A completely different approach to what happened till now, where the challenge is launched by yacht club sponsored by a rich tycoon of the global finance.

As soon as the yacht club will be choosen the managing structure will be created (in the nation of the yacht club): obviously the most part of the managing team will be composed by women. (all rights reserved)?