Elaine Bunting

Stormvogel 1

If you put only one international regatta on your bucket list, make it this one...

Fastnet spoof photo

A brief history of some of the best sailing April Fool's jokes - and their consequences

Does the perusal of marine catalogues adversely affect a sailor's libido? An unlikely theory....

Jester Challenge

The Jester Challenge, a quirky solo event for small boat sailors, is to have a 'starter' race

Jeanne Socrates

An update from Jeanne Socrates, the solo circumnavigator I call 'the modern day Moitessier'

Testing iPad charting software

We've been out testing iPad charting software. Here's a first impression of the choices

Joyon IDEC

Francis Joyon has set an incredible new record, sailing 3,800 miles solo averaging 18.6 knots

Moth Worlds

A memorable photo from the Moth Worlds. But what to caption it?