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Globally Challenged
Still one of the top contenders for the title of the world’s toughest yacht race, the Global Challenge pushes boats and their crew volunteers to the limit. After the end of this latest race Elaine Bunting went on board racewinner BG Spirit to see how the boat had fared, to look at the way navigators had to optimise their communications equipment to get maximum data for minimum cost and, probably just as important, looks at the issues of seasickness and how the crews fared mentally. It makes fascinating reading

Gipsy Moth emerges
When she was first launched Francis Chichester was not happy with the way Gipsy Moth IV sailed, but he was successful in his record-breaking voyage round the world and received a hero’s welcome when he returned. Gipsy Moth was less fortunate as she was lifted ashore and entombed in concrete at Greenwich. Now she is sailing again in as-new condition, thanks to a campaign launched by Yachting Monthly and the UKSA. So what’s she really like to sail? Matthew Sheahan went to find out

The Week reviewed
It’s as much part of the English summer as Wimbledon and Pimms. Thousands of sailors flock to the Mecca of yachting to take part in that most famous regatta of all, Skandia Cowes Week. We look at the 2005 event, the highs and lows, the rough and the smooth

Rookie Jo Cackett, known by her crew as Wombat, will let you know how she got on sailing her very first Fastnet Race