With the regatta season upon us...

  • Winning ways
    With the regatta season upon us, we talk to several class champions young and old, professional and amateur, to see what it is that propels them to the top of their fleet

    Plus is this the last chance saloon for the Admiral’s Cup? Cancelled two years ago through lack of interest, can the event regain its former glory?

  • Run down in fog
    The yachtsman’s worst nightmare came true for two yachts that were run down in fog in the Channel in the same week in May – neither ship stopped. We have the full stories plus a look at small boat radar, reflectors and what to do when caught out in fog

  • Inland sailing at its best
    Armed with a Nikon camera and a laptop, photographer Malcolm White heads for the IJsselmeer in the Netherlands where he samples the best of inland sailing on board a sturdy Dutch Contest 44 cruiser

  • Wizards of Oz
    Greg Elliott may not be well known in the Northern Hemisphere but Down Under he is a trend-setting designer whose range of fast cruisers are rapidly making their presence felt. We try out the Australian-built Wizard range

  • Losing direction
    . . . is what happens when your rudder is damaged or falls off. Could you cope? And how would you rig a jury rudder? Chris Tibbs, himself dismasted in the Southern Ocean, assesses the options