In the September edition of Yachting World

From the Editor
It’s an amazing feat that a 120ft catamaran under wind power alone can make more miles in 24 hours than the cruise liner QE2 at service speed

On the Wind
766 miles in 24 hours! Orange II smashes the transatlantic record and skipper Bruno Peyron reckons he could have gone faster; have your say on the future of Skandia Cowes Week; Cork Week is popping; announcing the first Indian boat show

The Walrus
From the Gay Sailing Club to the Love Sail dating agency for sailors, The Walrus goes exploring online

Extolling the delights of an extended family cruise; analysing Dee Caffari’s pilot problems; why should small boats be more unseaworthy than large ones?

Robin Knox-Johnston
Hats off to the competitors in the Jester Challenge in their small boats crossing the Atlantic for keeping alive the adventurous spirit of sailing

An integrated Man Overboard system; long-life antifouling; cheaper e-charts for UK cruising from C-Map; three-way swivel for hurricane anchoring

Leading Edge
Trinity House has big plans for its heavy steel navigation marks – from mini weather stations to GPS back-up to electricity generation

Let the season begin
Southampton Boat Show is traditionally where the newest models are first revealed to the public. We preview the new boats at this year’s show and find that 50 is the new 40

Swan’s new club racer, the ClubSwan 42; hot stuff – Castro’s Sizzler 60; a cruising version of the TP52; a timber schooner for family sailing in San Francisco

A few of our favourite Finns
We test nine new Finnish cruisers on a cruise of the spectacular Turku Archipelago as guests of the Finnish boating federation Finnboat

Solo again at 67
Nearly 40 years after his first famous solo exploit, at the age of 67, Robin Knox-Johnston is taking on the world again in an Open 60 called Grey Power. How has solo sailing changed in the interim?

Souvenirs of Brittany
The Editor returns to north Brittany after 20 years and rediscovers the joys of lazy sun-soaked days, great cruising on picturesque rivers, fine food and a gentle stroll down memory lane

Lulworth races again
After a remarkable restoration, which brought her back to near-original, the great 127ft gaff cutter Lulworth, one of the Big Five yachts from the 1920s is racing again – against her former partner Cambria. David Glenn reports from Argentario Sailing Week

Riding the serpent
The biggest navigational challenge facing competitors in the Newport-Bermuda Race is where to cross the Gulf Stream. Charles Doane discovers that ‘west is best’ in this light-airs Centennial edition of the American classic event

Practical cruising. Extending your season
Ex-Challenge Business project manager Andrew Roberts turns his mind to cruising for this new series. In the first feature he looks at the practicalities of late season cruising

Crew starve to death on refugee yacht; family sailors ‘vanish’ in Hurricane Alberto; cutting the cost of mobile calls; tax headaches in Greece. Plus: ‘The good, the bad and the totally useless’ – what to take and what not to take cruising

Great Seamanship
Odd man out. When Peter Gerard and her husband joined the crew of Saoirse for the 1927 Fastnet, there was not only one too many crew, but much too much wind on the nose

America’s Cup – revenge of the Kiwis. Matthew Sheahan talks to Grant Dalton on how his Emirates Team New Zealand syndicate came out on top at the last Act before the America’s Cup proper next year. Plus: Controversial Commodores’ Cup – the RORC is once more in the doghouse over the organisation of this amateur regatta

Last word
A new position, but still the last word on interviews with top sailors. This month Volvo navigator Stan Honey

Inside Alinghi
The Defender loses out to the Kiwis but has a boat in hand

Three whoppers from three mainstream European yards. David Glenn examines the new 143ft Wally supersailer, Nautor’s biggest ever Swan, the 131, and the 152ft Pink Gin from Baltic. Plus: Britannia is finally launched in Russia

One Amazing Day
In the first of a new series, we ask Skip Novak to describe a single special day in his long sailing career. He chose the day he first visited Antarctica and changed his life forever

Yachting World online
There are now loads more reasons to visit As well as having all the breaking news including full coverage from Skandia Cowes Week, this month we launch Shore Talk, Yachting World’s first ever podcast. Easy to download and compatible with any MP3 audio player, it features YW’s Matthew Sheahan talking to some of the America’s Cup stars such as Brad Butterworth, Jochen Schuemann and Grant Dalton.

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