• From the Editor
    It seems the young GBR Challenge are maturing as a team in the truest sense of the word, as witnessed at the launch of Wight Lightning

  • On the wind
    The show is on the road ? we report from the launch of Britain?s first-ever America?s Cup Class yacht. Plus, crew rescued from the supermaxi Leopard after a rudder failure; a round-up of Leg 6 of the Volvo Ocean Race and the latest news on Orange?s Jules Verne attempt

  • Preece comment
    No one will know for sure how fast Wight Lightning will be until the first race of the Louis Vuitton Challenge series in October

  • Letters to the Editor
    Shock of returning to South Coast marina charges after a long cruise; prescribed methods of seamanship; and is Panama the real adventure?

  • Leading Edge
    With so many rudders and stocks breaking these days, is the carbon construction to blame, as it was back in the 1970s?

  • Dogwatch
    ?God bless it, and all who sail in it . . .? just doesn?t sound the same

  • The 60s are flying
    Top racers are turning in droves to the 60ft trimaran circuit, the Formula One of multihull racing. Attracted by the thrill of flying these speed machines on only one hull and combining the excitement of close grand-prix racing with rugged ocean racing on the very edge of control, as many as 20 may contest the ORMA circuit. Elaine Bunting reports

  • Ellen?s ?ultimate test?
    Among those attracted to the 60ft tris is Ellen MacArthur, who describes what it?s like to sail these beasts ? ?One mistake or windshift while you try to sleep can spell the end of the race ? or worse,? she says

  • Cruising Log
    From websites, webcams and other sources of information to full blown ?Live Aboard? courses, costing thousands of pounds, it has never been easier to find out how to go cruising. But read our Special Report before you commit to buying a berth in the south of France

  • Letter from East Coast USA
    We welcome back Tony Collingridge who is cruising from Florida all the way to the Great Lakes. He gives us a glimpse of the protected Intracoastal Waterway and the delightful Chesapeake Bay

  • Southern Ocean stopover
    You?ve probably heard of the Kerguelen Islands as a place where Whitbread or Vendée sailors have stopped to repair their broken masts but what is it like to cruise this tiny French-owned archipelago in the wilds of the Southern Ocean? Pat Patterson went to find out

  • Countdown to the Cup
    A new Italian challenge enters the America?s Cup fray, throwing up the issue of divided loyalties for the Italian nation

  • Cooking up an ACC boat
    Building an America?s Cup Class boat has a lot in common with haute cuisine ? you need some exotic ingredients, an oven hot enough to cook a casserole and a high level of expertise. Matthew Sheahan explains why the build stage is so important for these highly tuned creations

  • Fishtales
    Signing up for adventure aboard the barquentine Cap Pilar88 Building for the future
    How can a yard build a 37-footer for just £60,000 all in? Tim Thomas went to the landlocked factory of Bavaria Yachts to find a highly efficient production line and plenty of plans for the future

  • What?s New
    Hardy lighter or mini blow torch? The Blue Flame is a tough outdoor gadget. Plus the DuoGen combined wind and water generator, waterproof speakers and TAG designer sunglasses tested

  • New Yachts
    A range of sturdy cruisers from designers Gerry Dijkstra and Piet Behage, a 40ft thriller from Maxi Dolphin and a collection of cruising cats

  • On test
    A close look at two Bénéteaus