The new Rapido 53XS is an appealing two-cabin boat with a compact saloon that has an all round view, combined with easily achieved 20-knot plus performance

Product Overview


First look: Rapido 53XS – 20 knot cruiser

A desire for speed is leading to a revival of larger trimarans. This long awaited Morrelli & Melvin-designed ultra fast cruiser, offered in two distinctly different versions, is from a Vietnam-based yard that also produces 40ft and 60ft trimarans.

The standard Rapido 50, announced in 2020, is a pared down folding trimaran for the ultimate in performance, with the convenience of being able to fit into most standard marina berths – though interior space is limited compared to monohulls of similar length, yet alone catamarans.

Nonetheless the result is an appealing two-cabin boat with a compact saloon that has an all round view, combined with easily achieved 20-knot plus performance. Folding amas reduce overall beam from a massive 10.24m (33ft 6in) to a more manageable 5.8m (19ft 0in).

The new 53XS (extra space) version has more flare above the waterline of the main hull, together with a much more expansive main deck area and wider saloon. This comes at the expense of 800kg of additional weight but there’s space for a third double cabin on the bridgedeck.

This model also has C-foils in the amas, in place of the centreboard in the central hull of the standard model, freeing up more space in the saloon, which includes a large forward navigation and work station. Twin fixed pre-preg carbon rudder blades, one on each ama, extend to the lowest point of the main hull, allowing access to shallow water, while providing excellent control even when fully powered up.

The tall spreader-less carbon mast – air draught is 26.6m (87ft) – and V boom of both boats are made in house, as is the very deep daggerboard for the standard boat and the C-foils for the XS version.

On the downside, the amas of the 53XS can’t be folded to reduce the overall beam for easy marina berthing or storage ashore.

Rapido 53XS specifications

LOA: 16.1m / 53ft
Max beam: 10.24m / 33ft 7in
Draught: 0.67m-3.52m / 2ft 3in-11ft 6in
Displacement: (XS) 9,350kg / 20,613lb
Upwind sail area: 190m2 / 2,040ft2
Price: from US$1.75m

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