A worrying time for Mike Sanderson teetering on the edge of control as wind builds in Southern Ocean

You would think that with the day that we have had sched wise that it would be all roses on board, the fact of the matter is I am probably writing this the most stressed out I have been in the whole race.

We are teetering on the front edge of this cold front which is the reason for the nice gains, but the conditions here are quite quickly getting worse and we go from not having quite enough sail up, as we are working hard to try and keep this missile under control, and then off she goes roaring down a wave at 30 plus knots… I mean the boat is in perfect control, as long as all is going well, but we have done some jumps at the end of some of these waves that would make Evil Knievel proud, and it will only take one really bad one and for sure damage will follow.

So I sit here typing to you guys with that sick feeling in my stomach just out of worry. I know this could be the windiest night of the leg and so we are doing a lot to throttle back. It’s like thinking your safe on your bike without brakes because there are no hills, then you turn a corner in the middle of a pitch black night and remember that you live in San Francisco!

3.5 points are waiting for us now just 550 odd miles away, if we can keep this thing in one piece and get to the gate first, at the pace we are doing right now, that’s less then a day away, but not if I have got anything to do with it…

Fingers crossed