Black Pearl arrives in Cascais for repairs. Paul Cayard sent this report

The Black Pearl has safely arrived in Cascais, and we are fully committed to returning to the Volvo Ocean Race as soon as possible. The shore team has arrived with our tools, clothes, containers and has set up an infrastructure so we are functional. Engineers from Farr Yacht Design as well as boat builders from Green Marine are on the way to our base.

We will conduct a full structural inspection. Following those results, we will make a decision on what needs to be done and then create a schedule for repairs in order to rejoin the race. Options are to return to Leg One should the repairs be quickly feasible, or ship the boat to Cape Town and then reincorporate in Leg Two.

Over the past five months, Pirates of the Caribbean has assembled a strong and capable team and we have achieved a lot. Despite the challenges we have just faced, I am confident we have the ideal sailing and shore team to get us back in competition as quickly as possible.

This is probably just the first of many setbacks the competitors in this race will face. How well each rebounds will most likely have a determinant impact on the results. To that end, the Pirates are still racing even here at the dock.

I know others have suffered damage at this stage and the Pirates wish them well.

Paul Cayard