The skipper and three core crew members for TEAM ABN AMRO's second boat in the Volvo Ocean Race 2005/06 was announced in Paris yesterday.

The skipper and three core crew members for TEAM ABN AMRO’s second boat in the Volvo Ocean Race 2005/06 was announced in Paris yesterday.

Thirty-year-old Sébastien Josse, the Frenchman who recently finished eighth in Vendee Globe, will take the helm while Simon Fisher, Nick Bice and Simon Beavis carry out core crew roles. The remaining eight crew members will be chosen through a selection process which is currently taking place in Portimão, Portugal see previous news story here.

Skipper Sébastien Josse (30, France)

Sébastien Josse has already proven to be a bit of a genius at ocean racing. Known for keeping a cool head while pushing ahead with a strong determination to succeed, “Jojo” has what it takes to skipper a round the world race. Despite discovering sailing quite late in his career, he has risen rapidly among the ranks of the world’s best. Winning the Crédit Agricole Selection and jump-started an impressive series of single-handed victories on his way to joining Bruno Peyron’s record-breaking crew on his maxi multihull in the Jules Verne Trophy.

Simon Fisher (27, Great Britain)

You could say that Simon has a head for technology. In the run of his sailing career he has managed both on- and offshore to stay in tune with the latest developments in racing electronics. He even develops race yachting software for onboard systems and post processing tools for race yacht performance analyses: it all seems to come naturally to the chemist and former law student from Bristol. But Simon is also a true all rounder – a fine quality for ocean racing – having taken up positions as trimmer, navigator and grinder in major races over the last half decade, as well as having been boat captain, sail maker and boat builder on numerous successful campaigns.

Nick Bice (27, Australia)

Nick has been sailing for most of his life, the last five years of which as a professional sailor. As a qualified boatbuilder, Nick gained a wealth of experience with the latest composite construction technology and structural engineering at Blue Sky Composites in Australia. Such expertise has already proven valuable in his role as Shore Captain for the first TEAM ABN AMRO yacht and is sure to come in handy as he takes his place on the second yacht during the race. Racking up a lot of experience on the water has provided Nick with another treasure – a wealth of anecdotes of two past sailing adventures. Nick knows what is required to achieve success in yachting Campaigns: always cheerful, he notes that “ocean racing has taught him the importance of team work.”

Scott Beavis (24, Great-Britain/New Zealand)

Although he is the youngest of the four professionals on TEAM ABN AMRO’s second race yacht, Scott Beavis has already proven that he belongs with the best. With a reputation for being an enthusiastic, hard working and resourceful crewmember, Scott strives hard for success. His experience in the last Volvo Ocean Race is sure to come in handy, as well as the fact that he is a keen sailmaker who likes to put theory to the test under the most extreme conditions.

When he isn’t sailing – which is not often – Scott goes downhill mountain bike racing, surfing, snow boarding, skate boarding and road biking. Anything to get the adrenaline going, really.