The first few minutes can be vital 05/8/07

In an initiative started by Newport National Health Trust three year’s ago, Skandia Cowes Week has the invaluable benefit of a trained paramedic who can assist casualties at a moments notice.Darron Howard was on duty today at Skandia Cowes Week;

“Basically with thousands of people in Cowes, the probability of the public requiring paramedic assistance is high. We carry substantial medical supplies and equipment and can often treat the public, on the spot, without the need for an ambulance to come off station. Whatsmore yacht racing can result in injuries, with something like a head injury, the first few minutes can be vital.

The paramedic service proved there worth yesterday evening when a man, in his fifties, had a suspected heart attack on Cowes Promenade, as Darron explains;

“A member of the public dialled 999 and the call was patched straight through to the bike paramedic, he got there within one minute and successful resuscitated the casualty, an ambulance would have taken far longer and the outcome could have been different because of that. Planning ahead, this Friday is fireworks night and due to the sheer volume of spectators, the best way to get to a casualty is by bike, even if I have to push it through the crowds.”

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