The sun's shining and the crew keeping a wary lookout for the Atlantic rowers

Another reason to celebrate on X-To-Sea today: we have less than a thousand nautical miles to go! No sign of any yachts for days now and we’ve also been keeping our eyes peeled for at least 10 rowboats in our area. The Atlantic Rowing Challenge is underway and if we feel humbled by the great blue beyond. I can’t imagine how those competitors are handling their journey to Barbados in their 20ft boats: no motor? no showers? no air-conditioning? no beer in the fridge? After a bleak day yesterday the sun shone in all its glory and we all worked up a tan today. El Capitaine received an email from America which said that X-To-Sea is are doing very well, nice to know because we have no idea where many of our division’s boats are at all, nor where we are placed in relation to them. Adjusted boat time again today which meant that we all reaped the benefit of double happy-hour. Averaging 9-10 knots under kite again – sweet sailing! St Lucia is growing ever-closer!