The boys on the Blesma yacht Spirit of Juno continue their fun and games with the winch handles

Smithy has been in the wars. He has been hit on the head by a winch handle, has a bruise up his arm from wrist to elbow. Bruised from knee to groin and has a nasty looking bump on his shin.

As usual, he just get’s on with it and never complains. Don’t think I have ever met anyone as tough and unassuming as Nigel. He is never happier than when he is on the foredeck getting a good soaking, or driving the boat hard.

Now, the only time he shows pain is when I grab his elbow as I move by to steady myself and receive a few well chosen **** expletives.

He is a little quieter since the winch handle bump (he is ok really). I am happy to report the winch handle is on its way to a full recovery.

Respect Nige…

Brendan West