Ilkka and Elina Liukkonen report from Melina on the fifth day of the ARC

After the previous report in the evening of Tuesday 22 November we had wonderful over night sailing in a nice south-easterly breeze.

On Wednesday we had again upwind sailing in southerly winds of 20 to 25 knots. At night the wind suddenly died totally. Subsequently, within a few minutes the wind shifted from south-westerly to north-easterly. In total darkness it was hard to believe one’s eyes while looking at the figures on the instrument panel. The magnetic compass, however, verified that we were steering to east instead of west. Since Thursday morning we have had nice south-south-easterly winds, not too warm, no rain, ie. perfect sailing.

Yesterday we had a special celebration. While crossing the Tropic of Cancer we got, to the great astonishment of the skipper and his wife, visitors. Ahti, the Finnish tribute of Neptune and Cassiopeia, Neptunes daughter herself stepped onboard. After a very serious rehersal of matters concerning respect and obedience of Neptune, we eventually got written and signed permission to continue our passage towards the Equator.

Weather forecasts and wind charts have been under careful scrutiny due to the storm about 1,000 nautical miles west of us. Our fantastic onshore support team manager Antti has provided us with most detailed and valuable data. We have been wondering whether he gets any sleep nowadays.

Life is quite comfortable onboard. Swell is not too disturbing so far while the wind angle is about 110 degrees. Cooking is reasonable easy although the temperature tends to rise above something that we white water sailors are used to.

Have a nice weekend.

Hauskaa pikkujoulua Suomeen!

Ilkka, Elina, Jukka and Hanna