After enjoying a breezy start Yacht Magrathea motor in search of more wind

Well what a great start to Monday we had! Lovely breeze, sun and after we had all surfaced we hoisted the spinnaker and were trucking along. All was going well – we had very spirits on the boat. Steven was attempting to work on his suntan, Sarah prepared lunch, Nik was thinking about fishing until he decided it would be far too much of a shame to slow the boat down if he did manage to hook one, and Fin and myself even got the sextant out and started taking some sun sights.

That was until just before my watch starting this eve at around 9.30pm when mother nature must have decided we were having far too much fun and we were loosing wind fast. However we persevered until we only had between 1.5 and 2 knots of wind and we couldn’t take anymore so up came Nik and Fin and down came the sails. Bit of an anticlimax as you can imagine.

We are currently motoring on in search of wind which we are praying we will find by morning…actually there are a few boats around us as we speak doing exactly the same thing as at least we don’t feel too hard done by.

Will keep you posted with over the next few days….that is if we ever find wind!!