The crew are back on course after repairs to the main and steering

After our slight detour via Cape Verdes to repair our Main and also the steering problems we are finally back on course! We decided Friday afternoon that it was wise, as we were so close to the Verdes to get the issues fixed where possible and Porto Grande in Sao Vincente seemed to have all of the services to aid us.

We arrived in the port late Friday evening so anchored out until early Sat morning when we had arranged for the engineers to come and fix the hydraulic ram. Quickly we also discovered a sail maker who could patch together what we had left of our main…much to Fins disappointment as he had spent the best part of Friday sewing needle in hand and making a splendid effort to patch it up. Quickly we then realised that we were not the only ARC boat in there. By the time we had left 3 of the ARC fleet had limped in for various reasons including rigging issues and steering so was nice to swap stories and recommendations as to where to go to eat etc.

So everything was fixed, we were fed and watered, enjoyed a night out in town, re fuelled, full to the brim with water and back on track to St Lucia. It was a big shame that we had such issues to cause us to pull out of the race and initially we were all very disappointed, however it was an issue of safety and we just had to take it on the chin and make the best out of a bad situation.

Now our job is to sail as best as we possibly can and try to catch as many boats up as possible. So it’s back to the wheel and winches for us, fingers crossed we should make up for some of the lost time. Oh and just to make everyone in the UK jealous we are making the most of the hot sun, shorts and t-shirts all the way. Not bad for Dec 1st!