Strange happenings aboard ARC yacht Spirit of Juno…

Some members of Juno crew are fans of that sport populated by ‘superb athletes’, known as darts. So, in recent hours we’ve had “180 … miles to finish”, then “100… miles to finish”. We are currently at 94 miles and counting. In a rather unpleasant swell, but with around 9-10 kts of boat speed.

Last night we went through more squalls than I care to remember with 38 knots of breeze across the deck and a boat speed record of 17.1kts surfing. Lots of water in the boat through the semi open hatches. Plenty of grumpy wet people when the received their impromptu showers.

We passed a yacht last night as if it were standing still. Not surprising, because at the time we were a bit over canvassed. That is, until Colin called another reef.

Today is Rob Copsey’s birthday. To celebrate the occasion, Dr Evil handed out lollipops for his watch to share. What they don’t know is that they contain laxatives. We all eagerly wait 30 minutes to find out if Dr Evil’s ‘Big Bang’ theory works. Do I hear urgent footsteps towards the heads?

Smithy’s cockney countdown has started. The problem is nobody other than Nigel understands the meaning Bulls Eye, Score, Pony, Monkey, half Monkey, Shergar and banana.