Champagne, a 244 mile day's run and 22.5 knots on the clock

Day 8

The Moet was flowing tonight at cocktail hour – we’ve officially reached half way! Celebrations were also in order as a result of a couple of records set in the past 24 hours: we clocked up 244 nautical miles in the 24 hour period and the speed record is now held by El Capitan Rob who, in the wee small hours, had X-To-Sea surfing the atlantic swell at 22.5 knots. And we are in the cruising division? After last night’s thrill-seeking ride in 30knot winds the decision was made to douse the kite and run under a poled-out genoa tonight so we can all get a good nights’ sleep.

Food-wise, the smell of freshly baked bread was wafting through the boat and veg curry and choc pudding for dinner. No new aussie slang for Anita today because we had a minor medical emergency when Andrew damaged a couple of fingers – we’ll see how he is in the morning

Day 9

Our blue sky and indigo sea world has now become a monochromatic vista. Rain squall patches have drifted over our path most of the day with the odd patch of fog now and then and it’s grey on grey on grey. Below-deck it became very humid when all portholes are closed against the rain, most of us are lethargic until it’s our time to go up on watch. Spending two hours standing in the rain, warm though it is, can be frustrating when you can see on the radar that no matter which heading you take, there’s a patch of cloud with your name on it dead ahead. Travis caught a fish this morning, we think it was a spanish mackerel. Whatever it was it was tasty on the plate and fed us all for lunch. Time to go up on deck again and leave the airconditioned cabin. Hopefully we will get more consistent winds and perhaps some sunbaking weather tomorrow!