Happy and content - the crew of ARC yacht Eleutheria arrive safely in St Lucia

Date and time 10 December/1650 UTC

We arrived in St Lucia at about 1020 local time this morning, with around 100L of fuel remaining after we gassed up, which took over an hour of time to deal with on island time. Owner and crew are doing well, rum punches from the local chamber of commerce were well received.

More local beverages are being enjoyed, with the crew getting used to the local hospitality. Our run down the coast of St Lucia saw winds to 30 knots, and big seas as the coast of St Lucia passed by us. We turned the corner of Pigeon Island , with a nice beat to the finish.

With horns blazing and a great reception by the rest of the ARC fleet finishing before us, we quickly found ourselves immersed in the festivity of the folks that went before us. We are now comfortably tied up in slip A63, sharing stories and tales with the rest of our competition. Dinner and local cheer are the next item on the to do list. This most likely will be the last posting for this mailing list.

Thanks for putting up with our ramblings as we crossed the pond. Until the next sailing adventure?

The crew of Eleutheria