Spirit of Juno provide an economical recipe for making bread

On long passages, food becomes increasingly important. We all look forward to our daily ration of fun size choccy bar. A simple slice of tinned pineapple is consumed with relish.

We have now run out of long life bread, so have to make our own. Our secret. We have an ex Army chef on board in Charley Streather (aka Stringpuller) who came up with this recipe. Not only is it easy to make, it cuts down on washing up and makes economical use of gas.

Charley was trained and worked with the Special Forces on logistics, survival and foraging techniques. He has learnt to trap and cook many animals. Thankfully, he keeps the Monkey Piranha recipes to himself. These techniques are not easily forgotten. He tells me he still knows 30 ways to kill a sausage without causing pain.

Prove the dough (from bread mix) for half hour. Knock the dough back, place
in pressure cooker insert tray.
Place Trivet (flat thing with holes in it) into bottom of pressure cooker
with 4 tablespoons water.
Put on low heat until proved (double in size in the moist atmosphere created
by the small amount of water).
Put lid on and turn up to full for 35 mins; turn off heat and stand for 40
mins. Bread is then ready.

PS: The crew now call me Flip Flop as I have been wearing my sandals on the wrong feet for the last 2 days without noticing.