The Blesma boys on Spirit of Juno with an update of life in the middle of the Atlantic

Date:26 November 2005

We’re currently doing 10-12 kts of boat speed to windward under staysail and reefed main. The
British Limbless ex-Servicemen’s Association crew of Juno have taken off the handbrake at long last, and we are moving! (see photo).

Windward sailing and buckets of rain? Is this really the ARC 2005? Down below, high humidity and 30 degrees Celsius. Outside 25 kts of breeze and we are hopping from squall to squall, surfing down the 8-12ft swell.

We have completed a couple of running repairs in the last 24 hours, but nothing will stop us getting to St Lucia. The rum punch is calling.

The coffee cup wars have started. Some watches have left unwashed cups in the sink! This has resulted in each watch greeting the oncoming watch with fresh cups of coffee along with an immaculate galley.

Charley and Brendan cooked yet more meat (large amount of road kill) to fuel the continuing Atkins diet. We now have plenty of ready meals for the next few days.

Typical. Come the weekend it is raining cats and dogs. We have decided to
stay in and have a quiet weekend in front of the telly (chart table).

Sam Josh and Matt. Love and miss you millions. Wayne.

Mum, Marc, Charlotte, Laura. All is Ok.