Medical emergency forces evacuation of crew from Compromise on to Superyacht Mirabella V 5/12/06

Following a Mayday alert late on Sunday 3 December, from the yacht Compromise participating in the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers), en route from Gran Canaria to Rodney Bay in St Lucia, a medical evacuation took place yesterday evening at approximately 1930UTC.

The Mayday was called by the crew of Compromise, a Nicholson 32, at 1950UTC on 3 December, at position 21°43’N, 26°57’W, after they became seriously concerned for the mental health of the skipper, Jos Brosnan (from Vancouver, Canada), and for the safety of the yacht.

Sailing yacht Mirabella V, the largest single masted yacht in the world at 75.22m (247 ft), responded to the call from MRCC Falmouth (the co-ordinating Coastguard Centre) to assist whilst the ARC organisers contacted the crew’s families to advise them of the situation.

Following medical advice received via MRCC Falmouth, it was agreed that Mr Brosnan required urgent treatment for his condition and could not safely remain onboard his yacht. With a second crewmember, a practising A&E Doctor, Sophie Quinney from – Weybridge, UK needing to accompany Mr Brosnan to continue medical care, it was decided that it would be unsafe for the third crewman, retired fisherman Finbarr Murphy (Co Kerry, Ireland), to remain on the yacht alone. All three crew have therefore been evacuated to the Mirabella V, and Compromise has been abandoned.

Mirabella V is now en route to Antigua.

ARC organiser and World Cruising Club Director, Andrew Bishop, commented:” This has been a difficult time for all involved, and especially distressing for Mr Brosnan. I would particularly like to thank the staff at MRCC Falmouth, and the master and crew of Mirabella V for their help.”