In the January 2021 issue of Yachting World, we analyse the storm-chasing tactics of this year’s Vendée Globe skippers and put the Bavaria C42 to the test


‘Small’ Atlantic Rally for Cruisers still proves one of the biggest sailing events of 2020

Crewman lost in catamaran capsize off Portugal

Post-Brexit bureaucracy looms for UK cruisers

A new Polar Yacht Guide for high-latitude cruising


Storm chasers

This year’s Vendée Globe weather isn’t following the rules. We find out how skippers use storms to make big gains

The great Atlantic getaway

There may be no better time to press pause and go sailing. Elaine Bunting spoke to transatlantic crews doing just that

Sanity check

The gravity-defying AC75s will race one another for the first time in December’s America’s Cup World Series Auckland. We compare the very different designs

The empty ocean

Sophie O’Neill and Chris Kobush take on a 4,300-mile double-handed crossing of the South Atlantic in winter

New gear and yachts

What makes good value? Bavaria’s C42 redefines what to expect in terms of 40-footer performance and space

The latest in lightweight, powerful hulls

A revolutionary system to see and avoid floating obstacles

Sailing into Christmas with great nautical gift ideas

Practical features

Special report: How to confidently sell your boat

Extraordinary boats: The Maxi Dolphin 75 performance cruiser Karma

Navigation briefing: When paper charts are best

5 tips: How to trim your spinnaker for downwind speed

Cover photo: Getting away in great style aboard a Contest 67CS. Photo: Jesús Renedo