In the December 2021 issue of Yachting World François Tregouet gets the inside info on one of the coolest yachts on the planet, François Gabart’s jet-fighter-style Ultime trimaran, SVR-Lazartigue. We test the new sporty cruiser from JPK, the 39FC and take to the water for a first sail in the stunning new Ice70.

Elsewhere, the Yachting World team bring you expert advice on how to safely handle a Biscay crossing, and provide all the information you need to future-proof your bluewater cruising itenerary. All this plus buying advice for second hand cruisers, getting the most out of your autopilot, and our petrol vs electric outboard test.


Sam Davies gets a new IMOCA for the next Vendée Globe

New restrictions on anchoring in French Polynesia


Where to sail next? 

How to future-proof your bluewater cruising itinerary – and discover some spectacular destinations

Biscay masterclass 

Crossing Biscay is a rite of passage. Follow our expert advice on how to safely handle the fearsome ‘Golfe de Gascogne’

Coast of mist and isles

Enjoying New England’s 3,000 islands in the beautiful – and sometimes challenging – waters of Maine

New gear and yachts

The new sporty 40 – Sheer brilliance from JPK’s new 39FC fast cruising yacht – we get a hand on the tiller to find out how good it really is

First sail: ice 70 – With looks, premium quality and really smart design, has the new Ice 70 got the full package?

Petrol vs electric outboards: we test six of the best

Practical features

Special report

Causes and cures for diesel bug

Extraordinary boats

François Gabart’s latest Ultime trimaran, SVR-Lazartigue


Pip Hare on maximising autopilot modes

Taking ownership 

Why a 10 year old boat is a good buy

5 expert tips

How to keep calm under big race pressure