Lewin leads 7-0 into Semi-finals

As the top female match-racing sailors made their final bid for a berth in the semi-final match of the Cicada International Women’s Match Racing Championship, Paula Lewin of Bermuda demonstrated her masterful sailing skills as she went undefeated (7-0) after three days of racing.

As the top finisher, Lewin will choose amongst the other final finishers including Jenny Axhede of Sweden (4-3), Klaartje Zuiderbaan of Holland (4-3), and Guila Conti of Italy (4-3) who, like Lewin, have a shot at entering the qualifying round of the Investors Guaranty presentation of The King Edward VII Gold Cup where they will compete for prize money totalling $100,000.

Lewin faced one of her toughest matches of the three days during the final race against French sailor Clare Leroy who had two lead changes and a photo finish with the two boats just seconds apart.

Results After 7 Races: top 4 move into semi-finals

P. Lewin 7 – 0

J. Axhede 4 – 3

G. Conti 4 – 3

K. Zuiderbaan 4 – 3

C. Sertl 3 – 4

B. Alison 3 – 4

C. Leroy 2 – 5

I. Sakudo-Horikowa 0 – 7