Delta Lloyd skipper Ger O'Rourke's relief at boat speed and a clean crew

It is the eleventh day, October 22nd at 7:40 PM, and we have finally reached a boat speed of fourteen knots. Speed over the ground is sixteen knots in sixteen knots of breeze. We are sailing 380 nautical miles of Fernando in upwind mode most of today. Now cracked to 70* TWA after getting lifted, weather rail fully stacked with all sails, all internal stacking maxed to achieve higher righting moment, chasing the fleet as we approach the scoring gate, pulling in some miles on the Russians (15nm ahead) and Ericsson 3 (49nm ahead). It would be nice to pass these by the gate from our hotter (we hope) sailing angle. They all do more miles, let’s wait and see.

The Leaders are over 200nm ahead, but with over 4,000nm of sailing to be done, they are still within our sights. They have done well with the right hand side. Delta Lloyd race focus now is on weather routing for the second part of the leg to Cape Town. Some amount of sailing miles yet for that cold beer while pulling in the two boats ahead.

Happy to finally be punching out of the Doldrums this morning. It’s a boring, hot, environment while in a black carbon boat sweating from sailing and daily duties aboard. Last night during pitch dark, we sailed through a large rain cloud whereafter we hoisted the R1 and furled the zero one while we got showered over a 20 minute period by very heavy rain, during which Husty decided to have a shower party. Getting soap from the galley stripping to nothing but his smile singing, before we knew it the whole crew decided to make the best of this opportunity. It was a sight to remember. All I can say is that you would have to be here to appreciate the hummer of this moment (media member caught on video).

Crew & Boat in good shape, due to starboard mast head spreader repairs, hoping for Port run to Cape Town.

Good Night from Delta Lloyd
Ger O’Rourke Skipper