The VOR yacht which failed to comply with the sailing instructions during the Sydney-Hobart part of the third leg, has been fined £500

The VOR yacht Team Tyco has been fined £500 following the protest brought against them by Team Tyco during the third leg of the race from Sydney to Auckland.

Team News Corp maintained that Tyco should be penalised for an infringement of the Sydney to Hobart Sailing Instructions. (Tyco had previously been scored DNF in the Sydney-Hobart for failing to make a mandatory radio safety call within the prescribed time limit).

The International Jury first considered the validity of the protest, deciding that Team News Corp had provided a good reason for filing the protest outside the normal time limit of 24-hours after finishing leg three.

Once it had decided the protest was valid, all parties to the protest accepted the findings of the Sydney to Hobart Jury that had ruled that Team Tyco had infringed the Sailing Instructions. The only matter to consider was an appropriate penalty.

Team News Corp asked the International Jury to impose a one-point penalty. Team Tyco replied that it had already suffered a penalty as imposed by the Sydney to Hobart Race Committee.

Other teams present at the hearing made submissions to the International Jury, with Team SEB wondering if a point penalty might be disproportionate to the nature of the rule infringement. Illbruck said no penalty, saying it wanted to see the race settled on the water. Assa Abloy submitted that it would support Team News Corp’s request.

The International Jury found that:

Team Tyco was required by the Volvo Ocean Race Sailing Instructions to make the required radio call.

Team Tyco made every attempt to make the report (but had equipment failure).

Team Tyco gained no advantage by not making the report within the prescribed time limit and therefore a points penalty would be inappropriate.

The International Jury fined Team Tyco £500.00.