Damien Grimont and Cecile Poujol retire from Class 40 Brittany Ferries Race off La Rochelle 28/8/07

Two competitors – Cecile Poujol onMercy AmisDamien Grimont onMonbana Chocolates- competing in the 1000-mile Class 40 Brittany Ferries Race have, this morning, announced their retirement.

According to Claire Poirier who’s in communication with the competitors Damien Grimont has problems with top of his mast and cannot continue. He’s now on his way to Lorient.

Cecile Poujol onMercy Amishas also decided to quit because of a split spinnaker. Apparently, the sail damaged happened during a squally period last night. Although she could continue the race without the sail she currently has no sponsor so has decided to head to La Rochelle and spend time preparing fro the Jacque Vabre in which she hopes to compete in November.

Elsewhere in the fleet, currently positioned halfway down the French coast off La Rochelle, conditions are good with plenty of breeze and big seas. The five-strong fleet is now heading for Santander – the second 6-hour pitstop – and leg 1 winner, Dominique Vittet onAtao Audio Systemis leading the fleet once again.

The fleet should arrive in Santander sometime tomorrow.