Nicolas Troussel's 16th place on the final leg of Le Figaro was enough to secure an overall win 29/8/06

Nicolas Troussel who finished 16th on the final leg has won the La Solitaire Afflelou Le Figaro while Thierry Chabagny who finished 28th took overall second place.

But a decision to head inshore with Yann Eliès (Groupe Generali Assurances) on the final leg from Dingle to Concarneau cost Armel Le Cléac’h (Brit’Air) third place overall to Gerald Veniard (Scutum).

Chatting about his disappointing result Le Cléac’h said: “I am really disappointed. On this Solitaire you had to be up there on the second leg. On this leg we have paid for doing one two many gybes.” Despite his final result Le Cleac’h (Brit’Air) won the highly coveted Hublot prize for the most distance covered in 24 hours: 247 miles at an average 10.32 knots.