Woxen and Foxall lead Archipelago Raid after three legs 28/6/06

The first leg of the Archipelago Raid from Stockholm to Fejan started on Monday morning with very little wind under grey skies. The Scandinavian teams led from the start and at the first checkpoint on the picturesque island of Badholmen, Anders Lewander and Hanse Thorslund (Team Tidermans SWE) finished first after three hours of paddling and little sailing.

The race committee decided to pause the race for an hour to wait for more wind. After the individual restart the wind quickly filled in from the north-east at 8 knots gusting up to 12.

Immediately after the restart the fleet had to navigate the breathtaking and extremely narrow channel of Stegesund. Roughly two hours later Team Tidermans (Anders Lewander/Hanse Thorslund SWE) was once again first team to arrive at Checkpoint 3 at Häststede. But they didn’t have it all their own way. They just managed to hold off GB Glace ((Nissar/Schiratzki SWE) who were in turn followed across the line by Sogetti (Woxen SWE/ Foxall IRL).

First full foreign team to check in was X-Leisure with Will Sunnucks and Mark Self (GBR) as 11th team. Sunnucks made a huge jump up in the leader board passing the other Dutch teams that came in after the British.

The next leg (Leg 4) was due to start yesterday but fog and lack of wind forced the race committee delay the start for a little longer.

This morning there was a briefing at the Nagu beach with race director Christine Salén-Guillou informing the teams that there was going to be a restart of Leg 4 at 1000 hours. This is the turning point in the race and the course will take the remaining 21 teams west again instead of further east as scheduled.

News from this morning’s briefing indicates that it is still foggy but 20 miles further south there is wind from the south-west at 15 knots which should arrive over the racecourse within a few hours and will stay with fleet till this evening.

Later on during the day the wind will swing to the north-east and increase again to approximately 20 knots.

Current overall positions
Sogeti (Woxén & Foxall) 87pts
Sundvallsbygg och Fastighets AB (Ekman & Tempelma 81.5
GB Glace (Nissar & Schiratzki) 81
Tidermans (Lewander & Thorslund) 78
St Jude Medical (Gnosspelius & Grape) 72
X-Leisure (Sunnuck & Self) 71
Brossard (Bourgnon & Gagliani) 67
Glenn Marine Racing (Kjerstadius & Tempelman) 66
Yamarin (Proust & Navarin) 66
Sailing Team SPP (Hansen & Lewander) 65
Garmin – RBSC (Demesmaeker & de Frahan) 63
Novo Nordisk (Sjöberg & Simonsson) 61
Inntech Slam (Tengbom & Engstrand) 58
Yamaha Blue (Larsen & van Geest) 57
Yamaha Silver (de Koning & Vincent) 54
AB Gustavsberg (Degsell & Mickos) 51
Simboloxico ( Riihelä & Bask) 42
Stelacon (Linder & Haals) 40
Yamaha Red (Devanneeaux & Heemskerk) 38
Aktivitetsteamet (Åström & Albinsson) 33
Voltaren (Westergren & Scully) 32
Karlberg Media AB (Karlberg & Brunnberg) 30
Team Kempff (Kempff & Nordström) 21
Team KTH (Söder & Skällenäs) 18
Nikita F18 (Walther & Walther) 16
Buster (Schibbye & Brusewitz) 12
40 (Karlsson & Charette) 10
The Little Gym (Bäckman & Brodin) 07
Team Lefant (Murquist & Åkerman) 06
Easy Riders (Frii & Hansson) 06
SBS (Haasum & Dahlberg) 05