Vestas SailRocket has returned to Namibia for a second attempt at the World Speed Sailing Record

The Vestas SailRocket team have returned to Walvis Bay, Namibia for a second attempt at the Outright World Speed Sailing Record. The attempt will commence today (20 February) and run for 28 days.

As it stands they need to go a little over 3.2 knots (3.7 mph or 5.95 kmh) faster over the 500 metre course than their previous best record setting performance in order to beat the Kite-surfers. The Kite-surfers set the pace last year when Alex Caizergues reached 50.57 knots (93.66 kmh) in Luderitz.

The team have made a number of modifications to improve safety and prevent a re-enactment of their last high speed run where the whole 30 foot craft took to the air and performed a spectacular half-loop. Everything is now in place at the team’s operation base at the Walvis Bay Yacht Club for the record attempt to commence.

“As always, it’s great to be back in Namibia,” explained the pilot and project manager Paul Larsen. “We have arrived at a very exciting stage of the project where our performance is at a level where we can enter straight into a WSSRC ratified record attempt with a relatively high probability of success.”

“I do say that humbly. Whilst we are definitely setting our sights high, there are a number of nice boxes to tick along the way such as to beat the best of the windsurfers at 49.09 knots and become the first true 50 knot boat.”

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