Dee Caffari, on her westabout round the world challenge, spent last night on deck with a book of Su Doko and Tom Jones. Here's her latest report

Report time and date 1025/30 November 2005

I spent sunset yesterday sat on deck with a book of Su Doku with Tom Jones giving some hip swinging on the stereo. I smiled to myself as so many things now remind me of people at home that seem already so far away. Tom Jones develops visions of my mother dancing with my best friends at his concert and the music, which is going to be essential to my well being on this trip, painstakingly organised by Alex just days before my departure.

So many people are remembered to me by different things everyday, especially things I do onboard reminding me of my crew and the other skippers and crew that sailed around the world on the Global Challenge. Also those guys I sailed with during the summer.

Playing my ipod reminds me of the BP BKR Team in Aberdeen and the great day we had on the Solent, also thanks to Alan, Brian and the boys at The Change Works who have made looking after my bottom all the easier! You try sitting on a steel deck in all temperatures for six months! The waterproof beanbag is great.

The breeze has been quite consistent today allowing for some straight-line sailing and the sun has been out, so I even managed to dry out my soaking wet clothes from the other night and my boots and that feels lovely.

Tomorrow, weather permitting I shall set about the task of repairing the Code 0 sail because in these broad reaching conditions that sail will be in its element. I am a little nervous of it after last time, but while the conditions are right it is important I get back on that horse again.

In my experience yachts are very female, they are expensive, everything that goes with them is expensive and they need constant attention and looking after. When I thought I had my next day’s job planned, another problem arises. Typical, I now have pumps and motor all in pieces in the foul weather locker awaiting an answer to a problem I have found. There is definitely never a dull moment onboard Aviva. This job is because there was a problem with the water maker. Thankfully the weather has been kind and continued to be pretty consistent. We are reaching at nine knots down to the west of The Cape Verde Islands.

I’ll let you know how my mechanical skills are!


Dee and Aviva