Primo Cup - Credit Suisse Trophy opened the Mediterranean Yachting Season last weekend 7/2/06

The 22nd running of the Primo Cup – Credit Suisse Trophy opened the Mediterranean 2006 Yachting Season with the first of the annual event’s two successive weekends from 3-5 February in Monaco. A total of 113 international teams in five different classes took part including 30 Dragons, 14 Stars, 38 Surprises, 21 J/24s, and 10 Laser SB3s.

Ideal conditions sprang up on the third day of the regatta: a south-westerly of 15 knots, with a bright sun and blue skies. With only a single round having been run the preceding day, the Race Committee decided to make up for the feeble breezes of the first two days and managed to complete the series on Sunday.

J/24 – 21 Entries – 4 Nationalities

The local contingent from Monaco, well-versed in the arts of the J/24, did not fare well and had to concede victory to the Italian crew of J di Quadri, captained by Claudio Buiatti. The Monégasque armada, led by the brothers Jean and Claude Rodelato were routed by the destruction of a spinnaker boom aboard the brothers’ craft in the third round. And so, away slipped their title.

Dangerous turned in a good effort, skippered by Cesare Gabasio and helmed by Peter Flohil, they took Second Place. A tight third place was snapped up by young Monégasque hopes aboard Gasper, helmed by Loic Begué.

Dragon – 30 Entries – 10 Nationalities

This Series was followed with great interest due to its large international field, and the presence of expert Dragon sailors. A steady helm enabled Italian Paolo Manzoni (Tramontana) to take first place, and win a tender donated by Radio Monte Carlo.

Munegu, Prince Albert II’s Dragon, was captained by Peter Johansen, owner of Royal Denship, a world leader in Dragon construction. Johansen took second place, just pipping the third-placed English crew of El Gringo – the latter has just won the Ski-Voile d’Antibes event.

Laser SB3 – 10 Entries – 6 Nationalities

After a poor showing in the First Round, Englishman Chris Blackburn (Team Touareg) pulled himself together and shot to top place, after four successive round victories.

Second place went to French sailor Nicolas Honor, in charge of development of this new series which was first presented to the Primo Cup three years ago.

Marçon Yachting took Third Place, with a crew of Laser sailors specially composed for the Primo. Patrice Clerc crewman commented: “Three Laser boys on a boat?an odd idea to unite three solo sailors! But the boat was beautifully easy to sail, and it was pure pleasure.”

Surprise – 38 Entries – 6 Nationalities

This was the largest fleet of the weekend: 38 Entries, and by coincidence, this year is the Surprise’s 30th Anniversary. But it was aboard a new craft that Swiss Alain Marchand again won a first place in the Primo Cup. Alain won three rounds out of the five that were run.

Despite the presence of expert sailors such Damien Seguin (Lord Jim), Paralympics Gold Medallist, and Kito de Pavant (Roc’h Guarine II), the podium was once again wrapped up by the Swiss and Italian contingents, who are particularly skilled in this category.

Star – 14 Entries – 7 Nationalities

German Philip Rotermund made an excellent final run, which, with his two victories in the rounds, put him squarely in top place.

Diego Negri, 2001 Mediterranean gold medallist, and silver medallist in 1997 and 2005, snapped a second place, thus signalling his successful changeover from Lasers to the Star.

Good showings were also made by seasoned hands of this event: Englishman Graham Bailey (Dr Evil), and Italian Loris Modena, who took third and fourth places respectively.

The Second Primo Cup – Credit Suisse Trophy weekend, for Mumm 30, Melges 24, First Class 7.5, First 40.7, Bénéteau 25, and Smeralda 888s starts this Friday at 1300.

Overall Results


1- J di Quadri Italy Claudio Buiatti 5.00 pts

2- Dangerous Monaco Cesare Gabasio 15.00 pts

3- Gasper YCM Loic Begué 18.00 pts


1- Tramontana YC Cannes, Paolo Manzoni 14.00 pts

2- Munegü Monaco, Bo Selko 16.00 pts

3- El Gringo GB, Martin Payne 20.00 pts

Laser SB3s

1- Team Touareg GB, Chris Blackburn 4.00 pts

2- Touareg YC Grande Motte, Nicolas Honor 10.00 pts

3- Marcon Yachting France, Xavier Leclair 12.00 pts


1- St Jacques Switzerland, Alain Marchland / Patrick Richner 5.00 pts

2- 5 For Fighting Italy, Alberto La Tegola 19.00 pts

3- TEO JAKOB Switzerland, Michel Glaus 23.00 pts


1- Ger 8033 Germany, Philip Rotermund 8.00 pts

2- Ita 8075 Italy, Diego Negri 9.00 pts

3- Dr Evil GB, Graham Bailey 11.00 pts