Peter Snow, one of Britain's best-known journalists and presenters accepts cheque on behalf of the Jubilee Sailing Trust at boatshow today 5/1/07

Peter Snow, one of Britain’s best-known journalists and presenters, and sailor in his own right, attended the Collins Stewart London Boatshow today to accept a cheque on behalf of the Jubilee Sailing Trust.

The Little Britain Challenge Cup – the construction Industry Regatta held annually at Cowes – raised substantial funds to the sum of £33,700 this year which will towards the Jubilee Sailing Trust’s efforts in continuing its life changing work of integrating able bodied and disabled people through the medium of tall ship sailing. Snow has been a vice patron of the trust for the last 10 years and says it is one of the most amazing organisations.

Chatting to about his involvement in the Jubilee Sailing Trust Charity Snow said: “When I was asked to be a patron I was thrilled because I’ve always been an admirer. I’ve been fortunate enough to sail on the Tenacious. But what is amazing about it is that it’s a unique charity. You have disabled and able-bodied sailors going to sea on these fantastic square rig ships. The ships are equipped to deal with people in wheelchairs which means they can go up the mast, to the crow’s nest, some of the disabled people work in the sails, and the good thing is that they are all good team mates. But the greatest thing of all is that disabled people discover that there are things they can do that they never thought they could do before. It’s quite extraordinary.

“The Jubilee Sailing Trust is very well run but like all these charities it badly needs money, so it’s nice to be able to tell people about how terribly valuable the work it does and how keeping these ships going does cost a lot of money.”

David Kong – Little Britain Challenge Cup Chairman – added: “…we are delighted to be able to continue to suppor our event charities and helping contribute towards improving the lives of many young, disadvantaged and disabled people.”