Yves Parlier chats to yachtingworld.com about the relaunch of his radical 60ft hydroplane 7/2/06

Following its capsize last year Médiatis Région Aquitaine – Yves Parlier’s radical 60ft, twin-masted, stepped hull hydroplane catamaran – is ready to go again.

The boat turned over 500 miles from Las Palmas on 27 April last year during Parlier’s second attempt at the 24-hour solo record. Fortunately the boat was salvaged but a total recondition, which took the best part of nine months at the Larros Shipyard, was necessary to ensure she was back in record-breaking mode once again.

The hydroplane was re-launched on 7 January and one quick outing after the launch confirmed Parlier’s satisfaction with the work done, commenting that he is pleased to be back sailing again.

Chatting to yachtingworld.com about any tweaks to her original configuration Parlier said: “The boat has been repaired identically. The architecture was not damaged and the innovations were not in question, so the hydraplaneur came out of the Naval de Larros’ chantier like new. We’ve upgraded the sheet system to automatic and we’ve added a protection windscreen for the helmsman.”

Interestingly Parlier admitted he was very close to quiting the project after the capsize, commenting: ” We did consider giving it all up after the capsize. Fortunately, thanks to my partners and my team we continue the project and now I’m very motivated to carry on with my programme. One must go beyond difficulties and remember that this sort of project requires time for perfecting the boat.”

So Parlier’s aim right now is to pick up where he left off nine months ago and continue the assault of records. The first will be the third attempt at the 24-hour record, but he’ll attempt this with his team before he goes solo!