Pete Goss has been on another expedition to the North Pole 28/4/06

Cornish sailor and adventurer, Pete Goss, has made it to the North Pole for the second time in nine days. Leading another team of enthusiastic amateurs, Pete and team mate Alan Chambers took just six days to trek the last fifty or so miles to the top of the World, arriving at 0555 hours BST Wednesday 26 April.

Relatively warm conditions (minus 17 degrees Celsius) and smooth ice allowed the Polar pioneers to make unexpectedly good progress. The team found a ‘lead’ of recently frozen ice going in the right direction, which allowed them to pick up time by literally ‘skating on thin ice’ for a good half-mile towards their goal.

Some broken bindings and an unpleasant night of vomiting for one of the team, Robin Carter, were the only real setbacks for the expedition. Just 15 miles from the Pole the team heard barking and saw a dog-sled team in the distance, causing them to wonder how far you have to go to get away from it all!

After being picked up by helicopter and returned to Camp Barneo, they were all grateful for heated accommodation and the Russian hospitality, which included a few very welcome tots of Whiskey and Vodka.

Pete is competing in the two-handed Round Britain and Ireland yacht race with crew mate Paul Larsen in June to raise funds for the Cornwall Playing for Success charity. Last week, Pete planted the flag of the charity at the Pole see news story here .