Terry Curtis wins windy OK event on the Isle of Sheppey 10/7/07

Terry Curtis proved un-catchable on a windy Saturday at Isle of Sheppey YC, leading from start to finish in races 1 and 2 at the OK open meeting. And although briefly overtaken in race 3, he went on to claim his third win. Behind him Mike Edwards was mixing it with Gavin Waldron, Keith Byers and Ian Harris. Some seriously good surfing and planing made for a great day’s sailing.

Overnight Curtis looked secure in first place. Sunday proved altogether different with a fickle breeze and hot sun. Edwards relished the conditions and punished the fleet with stunning light wind speed, covering Waldron to take race 4 and defending from Cutis to win race 5. Race 6 completed his three wins for the day as he resisted a late tacking duel with Harris to take the days honours.

So with discards applied, the overall win went to Curtis, with Edwards in 2nd and Harris 3rd.

Overall Results

1st 2118, Terry curtis 5 pts
2nd 2107, Mike Edwards 6 pts
3rd 2105, Ian Harris 9 pts
4th 2085, Gavin Waldron 11 pts
5th 1985, Keith Buyers 18 pts
6th 2121, Anthony Rich 24 pts
7th 2104, Deryck Lovegrove 25 pts
8th 2060, Paul Pike 28 pts
9th 2087, Julian Burnham 31 pts