A competitive fleet of International OKs ventured east to Waldringfield for the Annual Easter Egg Trophy at the weekend

A competitive fleet of International OKs ventured east to Waldringfield for the Annual Easter Egg Trophy at the weekend and were greeted by a sunny but cold and windy River Deben.

It was rather a challenge to actually get to the start line for race one on Saturday, the race course was littered with upturned hulls in the gusty conditions. Terry Curtis led the way around the windward mark using a carbon rig and development sail from Pinnel & Bax, followed by David Rose and Dave Carrol both using Radial Cut North / Needlespar setups. Curtis was reeled in on the offwind legs and after much place changing Rose took the gun from Curtis, Carrol was third after a quick swim. Race two was abandoned due to the conditions.

The wind had moderated a little for Sunday morning and the race was started on time. Curtis again led around the windward mark followed by Rose and Carrol. Carrol pulled through to take first place, with Rose second, Curtis third and Robert Deaves fourth.

The wind had increased slightly for race four and change of course put the fleet further up river with two short shifty beats, this race took on a different pattern with the boats on the right of the course picking up a large shift. Ian Harris led around the windward mark with Robert Deaves second and Dan Ager third. Rose rounded just behind the leading bunch and starting reeling in the leaders, Curtis and Carrol were Buried. Rose pulled through to take the gun from Harris second and Deaves third.

Monday morning was considerably warmer and the wind had shifted allowing for a long beat downriver into the tide. The fleet split with Robert Deaves leading the short tacking match up the right-hand shore. Deaves led for most of the race only to become unstuck up the last beat. The race culminated in a photo finish with Carrol and Harris coming in from the right and Curtis working up the left-hand bank. Carrol took the gun from Harris then Curtis. Deaves ended up fourth.

The deciding race was a closely fought drag race around a triangular course upstream at hightide. Curtis led at the windward mark followed by Rose and Carrol, the lead swapped between the three boats until Carrol pulled out a small lead to the finish followed by Curtis then Rose.

Overall Results

1st GBR 2106, Dave Carrol, Deben YC

2nd GBR 2102, Dave Rose, Deben YC

3rd GBR 2101, Terry Curtis, Upper Thames SC

4th GBR 2081, Robert Deaves , Tollesbury YC

5th GBR 2049, Ian Harris, Bristol Corinthian YC