The Nippon Cup is yet another event that has fallen victim to the recent US terrorist attacks

The Swedish Match Tour’s Nippon Cup 2001 scheduled to take place on 19-25 November at Hayama Marina Yacht Club (HMYC) has been cancelled due to the recent terrorist attacks on the US. Kenichi Mitsui, Commodore, HMYC made an announcement yesterday stating:”We have made this decision due to heightened worldwide security since the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States. We feel the risks in arranging transportation for skippers to travel from US and Europe to Japan are too great at this time.”

As a result, Swedish Match Tour Year 3 will now comprise eight events. The Swedish Match Tour Championship Prize Purse will remain at 200,000 US dollars and the scoring will be based upon a skipper’s best six-of-eight finishes instead of the previous best seven-of-nine finishes.

The next event on the Swedish Match Tour is the Sun Microsystem’s Australia Cup, 12-17 March, in Perth, Australia.