The Mount Everest of Offshore Racing

On June 30,
2014, Newport, Rhode Island will be the host for more than 200 ocean-going yachts
and ambitious crews about to experience what some people call the “Mount
Everest of Offshore Racing.” When the cannon blasts at ten minutes past noon
and the Newport-Bermuda Race begins, the air will crackle with excitement, and
the crowd-thousands of spectators, families, friends and sailing enthusiasts
who have gathered at the starting point-will roar.

Racing from
Newport to Bermuda involves sailing 635 nautical miles across one of the most
challenging stretches of the Atlantic Ocean. Depending on weather conditions, this is a race that can be
won by large yachts, small yachts, or yachts falling somewhere in between. Of
course, earning a coveted trophy at the finish line would be a dream come true,
but just completing this race-known for its unpredictable weather and strong
currents-is considered to be a feather in any sailor’s cap.

Newport-Bermuda Race’s competitive nature is especially appealing to
adrenalin-hungry pros, who are eager to push their high-tech yachts to the edge
of endurance and put their skills to a ruthless test. But this race is also a
family event. Many compete as a “rite of passage”, having sailed the course with their
fathers and are now reliving the experience with their own sons and daughters
on board. As a family owned business, Pantaenius is always eager to pass the
passion for yachting on to younger generations, which makes us particularly
proud to take part in this year’s edition of the regatta.

Yacht Insurance is the Tracker Sponsor for the Newport-Bermuda Race 2014, providing the
satellite-backed tracking system, Yellowbrick, which has already proven its
reliability in various offshore races. Using this system, relatives, friends
and sailing enthusiasts will have the chance to follow their loved ones who are
participating, or easily keep up with the race’s current status from their
computers or any iOS and Android device. To use Yellowbrick just visit: or simply download the Yellowbrick App onto your Smartphone or

Whether you
are sailing along with the fleet or watch the start from the rocks above the
lighthouse, Pantaenius wishes everyone an exciting racing experience and hopes
that you enjoy our tracking service during the event.

Fair winds
and a safe race,

Pantaenius Yacht Insurance