Pindar's first sail captured by Jon Nash Photography 3/7/07

Pindar has launched its brand-new Open 60 in Auckland, New Zealand. A radical new design, which incorporates many cutting edge features including a rotating wing mast and hydraulically adjustable outriggers, this boat will be capable of breaking boundaries, setting records, and winning races. Having teamed up with ISAF World Sailor of the Year and Volvo Ocean Race winner, Mike Sanderson, and innovative designer, Juan Kouyoumdjian, Pindar’s new Open 60 is being likened to the latest generation Volvo 70s, proven to be some of the fastest monohulls on the planet.

Pindar has a soaring wing mast which is able to rotate side to side, as well as being raked forward and aft using telescopic outriggers, enhancing her performance on all points of sail. Pindar’s towering mast allows her a much larger sail area than her predecessors, which together with advances in keel design promise to ensure that the new Pindar is far more powerful than either of Pindar’s two previous Open 60s. Pindar has an innovative hull shape incorporating deep chines into the back section of the boat, which afford greater power and stability when the boat is sailing heeled over.

Mike Sanderson – a key consultant throughout the project, overseeing the build from his home with Pindar’s Emma Sanderson (née Richards) in New Zealand over the winter – was present in Auckland, New Zealand, for Pindar’s first sail and commented: “The new Pindar Open 60 comprises many new technical developments which make this boat one of a new breed in the world of Open 60s. Combining lessons learnt from other boats and classes, in terms of sails, rigging, hull and keel design, we have created what I believe will be an absolute weapon. She’s very different to Pindar’s previous two Open 60’s, with an interesting transom design and a very different rig set up. The first few days of testing have gone really well, and I look forward to Pindar’s arrival in the UK when the team can tune her up for racing.”