Indecisive weather keep Dee Caffari on her toes 17/3/06

Date16 March at 2329
PositionS 42° 1’/E 70° 22′

My wallowing in the light wind patch didn’t last long. In fact just long enough for me to raise all the sails again ready as the wind filled in to reduce sail again. However. Where I thought I was going to be hard on the wind we were in fact fast reaching in some really strong winds but it all meant that progress west was fast and furious. The rain continued and the daylight took an eternity to arrive as the thick cloud was keeping everything so dark.

For most of the day the strong winds persisted making our track head west and we surfed on the waves giving a very rock and roll feeling to Aviva. It makes a pleasant change from crashing into waves however, you can’t put anything down for five minutes as it will slide from one side of Aviva to the other as she rolls on the swell. It made for some interesting times in the galley to make drinks and food as you literally couldn’t put anything down and expect it to stay there. Needless to say I kept my foul weather trousers on, just in case, as I was highly likely to be wearing most of what I tried to prepare.

As the evening approaches the cloud has just started to break up and reveal the sky beneath. There is no impressive sunset to see but I hope if the cloud continues to dissipate then I may be left with a clear starlit night. I am approaching another high-pressure cell and will be shaking out reefs during the night so some moonlight will make life much easier.
The sky did clear and yet again I am left wallowing as the wind decides where it would like to come from, but this time it is taking place under a cloudless sky, fully illuminated by a huge bright moon and a few stars for good measure.

I received the great news that Roz Savage has arrived in Antigua safe after rowing the Atlantic singlehanded. I last spoke to her on her birthday back in December when we were both in the Atlantic. It sounds as if she had a tough time of it but can now celebrate her success. I was reading about her last few days at sea and saw how much weight she has lost in her extreme Atlantic weight loss programme. It actually made me feel guilty for still eating well, but then I have still got in excess of 8,000 miles still to go. Well done Roz, I am really chuffed for you.

Dee and Aviva