Thorntons win one day National 12 meeting at Twickenham 4/10/07

Four visiting National 12 teams joined three home boats for a fine day’s sailing at Twickenham YC on 30 September in light easterly breeze.

Fran Gifford and Sophie Mackley led away from the line in race 1 with Mike Day and Anne Murch running aground twice before coming through to second. Ben and George Deverson were third, leading the Admiral’s Cup boats.

The fleet were joined in the afternoon by John and Mandy Thornton. Gifford and Mackley led around the windward mark but were overtaken on the run by the Thorntons, and Day and Murch. An infringement at the leeward mark led to turns for the Thorntons, leaving Day and Murch to sail into a decent lead. Gradually, however, the Thorntons pulled through to take the lead on the last run to win by a few yards from Day and Murch with Gifford and Mackley third.

With all to play for in the last race, Day and Murch led around the windward mark from Gifford and Mackley. By the leeward mark they had swapped places, but Day and Murch were back in front again by the next windward mark. With the wind dying away, the Thorntons caught up and all three drifted up the river together until the Thornton’s morning devotions were rewarded with a private zephyr and they pulled away to take the race and the meeting. Ben and George Deverson sailed consistently well to win the Admiral’s Cup prize.

Overall Results
1st N3443, John and Mandy Thornton

2nd N3431, Fran Gifford and Sophie Mackley

3rd N3496, Mike Day and Anne Murch

4td N2789, Ben and George Deverson