Graham Camm and Zoë Ballantyne win Royal Thames Trophy at Ranelagh 23/1/07

Ten National 12s took to the water at Ranelagh SC on Sunday to compete for the Royal Thames Yacht Club trophy.

With the Thames barrier shut, there wasn’t the normal struggle to stay the right side of the start line before the start. Bim Daser got the best start on the Fulham FC side of the river, starting in more wind but running the risk of having to tack to make the corner. Graham Camm and Zoë Ballantyne were just first to the corner but David Wilkins and Adele Cameron caught a gust and attempted to take the lead in the first of numerous luffing battles.

Camm and Ballantyne managed to round the mark first but they didn’t have an easy ride. On the way back to Putney Bridge, Jon Ibbotson and Lucy Horsley made the second leadership challenge but fell into a hole before they could consolidate their position. John and Mandy Thornton, out for the first time in their new boat, then stormed through the fleet. Many luffing battles ensued during the next two laps as John and Mandy attempted to capture the lead. There were also a few hairy moments as the fleet fought with some big gusts and massive wind shifts.

Overall Results
1st Graham Camm and Zoë Ballantyne
2nd John and Mandy Thornton
3rd Jon Ibbotson and Lucy Horsley
1st Admirals Cupper – Matt and Jo Stiles